Listen to a Great Tale! — Derek Barton – 2019

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Laura Richcreek-Morrison does it again!  The Bleeding Crown joins Consequences Within Chaos on  She continues the epic tale started with Consequences Within Chaos, this time the focus is on Princess Letandra.

Laura has an incredible range of character voices, along with her smooth but dramatic performances, they all come together to bring the worlds of Tayneva and Aberrisc to life!  Her talents know no end!  Check out her other work on Laura’s Voice: Voice Over Talent In The Fort Wayne Area.


Here’s a sample to whet your appetite: The Bleeding Crown Chapter 1 Sample



The Bleeding Crown:

Abducted by her family’s bitter rivals, spirited Princess Letandra finds herself stranded in a foreign land. Alone but confident a rescue will come at the hands of her brother, King Taihven, she focuses all her energy on surviving the unexpected trials she now faces.

But before he can save Letandra, she is captured by the sadistic Ebon Queen of the Quietus Dominion. Now, the princess must risk everything to escape and warn Taihven. War is coming not only for him, but the future of all hangs in the balance.

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Items In the Forge Update — Derek Barton – 2019


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Hey there!  I wanted to send out a quick update of items I’m working on currently and what you can expect to see from me in the future!

THE BLEEDING CROWN AUDIOBOOK will be available by the end of March or the first week of April!  Laura Richcreek continues the saga and lends her incredible voice talents to bring the story alive. Literally over thirty different creature voices alone had to be crafted for the novel. Keep an eye out for free download giveaways!!

ELUDE PART THREE is finally written and going through a thorough wave of editing by my editors, Nesa Miller and Ted Barton.  It will be produced by the end of March. This is the thrilling conclusion to the suspenseful Elude Series!

THE HIDDEN has also come to a stunning end and the last chapters will be published on this site in the next couple weeks!  This horror origin story written with my father, T.D. Barton, will be available on both Amazon and Kindle by the middle of this year.

SWIMMING IN THE ASHES is still in the first draft process (over 26,000 words so far). I am going to delve into the book’s outline as I want to flesh out a few of the plot points I didn’t fully define yet before I continue with the writing.  As I have proclaimed before, I am a “hard-nosed plotter” and I want to be sure I haven’t messed any events up!

EVADE will be a new Crime/Horror story I want to write which delves deeper into horror than the crime genre. Like ELUDE, it will also have ties to my Horror/Suspense novella IN FOUR DAYS. This time the story revolves around when the police find themselves on the receiving end of a high-speed car chase!

AFTER WYVERNSHIELD… I have been developing an idea and I hope to bring you another three-book series this time focusing on characters living in the wondrous lands of Aberrisc! How were their lives impacted by the events depicted in CONSEQUENCES WITHIN CHAOS, THE BLEEDING CROWN and SWIMMING IN THE ASHES?  What has happened with the dark reign of the Quietus Dominion after the Ebon Queen Chroyanne?

AN UNTITLED NEW WEB SAGA in the works once THE HIDDEN has officially wrapped up.  This will be an ongoing “Parallel Universe” story with a fascinating look at what happens when you meet the “other you”!

Yes, all this and I still have a full-time day job and a family with three children to help take care of!

Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to help with my work, given me great ideas and feedback, and kept my spirits high through this epic journey!





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FREE-BOOK FEBRUARY! was such a success (WHICH I TRULY THANK YOU) that I am extending it into March!

So far there have been over 430 books ordered in the last two days!!  That just blows me away!  THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!!

It was brought to my attention that one book, ELUDE PART ONE was unfortunately not able to be put on the “book sale” due to contract term dates.  Thus, it was only able to go on Kindle for “free” this Friday and Saturday.  That being said, along with the amount of interest, I am putting all the books again on a Free-Ebook Sale this Friday (3/1) and Saturday (3/2)!

All I ask is if you did enjoy any of the books, please put a book review on Amazon for me. It doesn’t have to be really elaborate or specific, but EVERY REVIEW HELPS and it signals other readers that this may be something they would like to read!