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Grim Horror-Suspense



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Dark Epic Fantasy


The Wyvernshield Series



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Reviews for Derek Barton on Amazon and Goodreads!!

“…hurls the reader into a dizzying journey through various exotic worlds populated with bizarre creatures and vivid landscapes.”

“…The novel quickly draws you into its dark kingdoms. There are secrets whispered and you will want to seek out the answers.”

“…it is positively entertaining, engrossing, and transforms the reader to a place you have never been, but want to go again.”

“…The way the author paints a mental picture for his readers is one of his (many) truly unparalleled talents.”

“…It is rare for me to get emotionally involved in a book but this one, this one really sucked me in. I guarantee this book will have you spellbound and always wanting more!”

“… I found myself while reading having very colorful and vivid picture floating in my head. The words brought the characters and the story to life in my imagination. That is rare and something that I absolutely love about Derek’s writing.” 





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