Listen to a Great Tale! — Derek Barton – 2019

BC v32


Laura Richcreek-Morrison does it again!  The Bleeding Crown joins Consequences Within Chaos on  She continues the epic tale started with Consequences Within Chaos, this time the focus is on Princess Letandra.

Laura has an incredible range of character voices, along with her smooth but dramatic performances, they all come together to bring the worlds of Tayneva and Aberrisc to life!  Her talents know no end!  Check out her other work on Laura’s Voice: Voice Over Talent In The Fort Wayne Area.


Here’s a sample to whet your appetite: The Bleeding Crown Chapter 1 Sample



The Bleeding Crown:

Abducted by her family’s bitter rivals, spirited Princess Letandra finds herself stranded in a foreign land. Alone but confident a rescue will come at the hands of her brother, King Taihven, she focuses all her energy on surviving the unexpected trials she now faces.

But before he can save Letandra, she is captured by the sadistic Ebon Queen of the Quietus Dominion. Now, the princess must risk everything to escape and warn Taihven. War is coming not only for him, but the future of all hangs in the balance.

Just $13.97 or 1 credit with membership on



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