Work In Progress Updates — Derek Barton-2023

Hey there! I know it’s been a while – I sincerely apologize for that. I’ve been hard at work trying to get my latest story completed. Figured you all were due and would like a little update on what’s in store for the future.

Current project – Pawns & Pieces (Book 1# of The Lineage of Prophecy Series): I am literally down to the final chapter to write. Then I’ll work up the last of the editing. Hoping to have this out no later than June. Also, I have more great news. The voice actress, Laura Richcreek will be doing the series on Audible! She will continue her outstanding work that she started in Consequences Within Chaos and The Bleeding Crown. Also I hope to have the same cover artist, Joy Lando, do this series. Her covers were incredible!! Really excited by the progress of the storyline and I hope it will be worth the wait for those who have been long-standing and long-waiting fans of the Wyvernshield story!

Next project – The Deity Staff (Book 2# of The Lineage of Prophecy Series): This is the next novel in the 3 part story arch. I am predicting this one will take me to the end of the year to complete, edit and publish. No guarantees but that’s the goal.

Next web project – I Still Burn (Horror Novel): I put the first three installments of this story on the website already. I will go back to working on this storyline probably once or twice a month until my Wyvernshield fantasy novels are completed. I have not put any new Fresh Content blogs for some time as I have put in extra effort on the fantasy novels and my Horror magazine, With Malice.

Cancelled project – With Malice Magazine (Horror & Crime Fiction): Unfortunately this has been set aside as there was not enough sales and reader interest to justify putting more time into it. With Malice Magazine Issue #1 is out on Amazon for $11.99 for anyone interested who has yet picked up a copy. This magazine idea is not completely dead but it may be some time before it is resurrected in the future.

Future project – Elude #2 (no working title yet): I had a flash idea on this one and would like to someday in the near future flesh it out and see what I can do with it. YES! Vic Vicente would be coming back into the limelight! But you’ll have to be patient to see what trouble he gets into next!

Future project – An Anthology based in the Wyvernshield world: I thought this would be a lot of fun and possible in a year or so after I finish The Lineage of Prophecy series. Like my With Malice Magazine idea, I would gather up a group of fantasy authors if they’re interested and have them all write short stories based in Wyvernshield or Aberrisc! It’s a thought and will take some time to organize but that’s an idea brewing in the back of my head.

Future project – Echoes (Horror novel): I might once I catch up with these projects write a novel giving this short story a more in depth treatment. How do you stop someone trying to kill you in infinite multiverse worlds?! Could be a lot of fun seeing how!

Geesh! That’s a lot of work ahead huh? Sure wish writing was my only job! haha Anyway, this is what I hope to get out to you, my lovable readers! Novel #15 (can you believe there are 14 indie books of mine?!) Pawns & Pieces is just around the corner. Thank you all for your interest and support.

Video Interviews on Book Asylum — Derek Barton – 2023

I had the honor and pleasure to go on two Vodcast channels! The first with The Written Undead Podcast in October. Then after Written Undead became the new Book Asylum Podcast, they had me on again this month!

Jack Childress and Angel Ramon, the hosts of the podcast channels have also graciously accepted my invitation to write for my With Malice Magazine! They are working currently on stories for our 2nd issue due out in June!!

I may have another podcast coming up with another channel this April.

Here are the links to the channels for your viewing pleasure!




New Horror Movies Review – Derek Barton – 2023

Back in 2019, before Covid derailed everything, I did a review of some of my favorite horror films to that point. Here’s that posting if you are interested. It was a lot of fun and a popular blog. So, I decided to do it again as some real gems have come out. (I do know that I am missing some of YOUR favorites on this list. I haven’t seen everything and some I am still planning on watching.)

This list is just that a list, no ranking and it’s completely subjective. Also some of your favorites, I might have already discussed in the last post (like Saw or Evil Dead). I will say that almost everyone of these today were awesome, unexpected surprises—either because I hadn’t heard much about them, the trailer didn’t grab me, or I didn’t predict the direction the movie took.

A Quiet Place II — Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path.

While I loved the first one, I didn’t know where they were going to go with the story. Sequels usually don’t live up to the hype, but this one was fantastic! Just as the first one, be ready for some intense scenes of suspense and thrilling fight scenes. I’m really hoping they can do at least one more!


The Collector — Desperate to repay his debt to his ex-wife, an ex-con plots a heist at his new employer’s country home, unaware that a second criminal has also targeted the property, and rigged it with a series of deadly traps.

This movie came out of nowhere and was brilliantly done! Think Saw but more on an intimate personal level. The lead actor, Josh Stewart at the time am unknown truly shined with his breakout performance and made this a great horror movie. It’s sequel, The Collection, is also very good! I have heard rumors of a third, but nothing yet has been released.


Smile — After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, a psychiatrist becomes increasingly convinced she is being threatened by an uncanny entity.

Many people loved the horror film, It Follows. I wasn’t one of them as I felt the movie was over hyped and other than the beginning and end, it was boring. Smile takes the idea of a relentless chasing horror and keeps the action and intensity throughout! I’m not a jump-scare fan as I feel they’re used too often, but this has appropriately placed, amazing jump scares and fantastic gore effects! The “neck breaking” scene alone is mind-blowing!


Prey — Naru, a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

One of the best films out this last year in my opinion. Certainly a nod to the great Predator franchise and a stand out horror-action film. Great effects, a well developed story and in depth characters. How many horror films can you say that about?


The Wretched — A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parents’ imminent divorce, faces off with a thousand year-old witch, who is living beneath the skin of and posing as the woman next door.

A well done, but obscure film that’s been underrated and over looked. A sleeper that warrants watching. Really creepy and chilling scenes.


The Black Phone — After being abducted by a child killer and locked in a soundproof basement, a 13-year-old boy starts receiving calls on a disconnected phone from the killer’s previous victims.

You know by now how big a Stephen King fan I am. This story’s writer, Joe Hill, is one of his sons. I have been disappointed by Hill’s books so I wasn’t too hopeful for this movie. I’m very happy to say he surprised me here. Ethan Hawke stars (gives a brilliant performance) and directs this terrifying, supernatural thriller!


The Visit — Two siblings become increasingly frightened by their grandparents’ disturbing behavior while visiting them on vacation.

Another shocking, twist-filled film by M. Night Shyamalan. And like a lot of his other films like Devil, it’s underrated. Great scares and a fun horror film mixed with some truly horrific horror—the ending especially lived up to expectations!


Ready Or Not — A bride’s wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.

The trailer seems a little predictable but overall the film has a lot of fun horror scenarios as well as a real, strong female protagonist who you easily root for. A sure entertaining movie!!


Happy Death Day — A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer’s identity.

This is another film using the Groundhog’s Day Trope, but they do a great job and really hook you in. Another dynamic lead female actress, Samara Weaving and is a well written mystery “slash” (pun intended) horror film. Side note, Happy Death Day 2U, the sequel is not as good, use your own judgment there.


Hush — A deaf and mute writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.

Obscure movie and certainly not given enough praise film! A powerful, survival movie with a main character doing everything and anything to live. Well done and very polished horror-thriller.


Plenty of time to stream these awesome gems! Go get your scare on! Enjoy!!

Did You Know…? — Derek Barton – 2023

Hey Everyone! I thought that since there are quite a few of you that have subscribed to my blog only recently, you may not be aware that I have even more to offer you than just blogs!

Like… did you know that I have a full Pinterest Site with posts of horror pins that have inspired me, or pins that showcased fantasy landscapes or characters that have sparked ideas for my own stories. Check it out HERE!

Did you know I have a full Amazon Author Page listing all my E-books, Paperbacks and Audible selections? You can find everything and more HERE.

Would like to find out about my Audible options. Go HERE!

I also have a small Youtube Channel featuring Book Trailers for almost all of my novels. Watch them HERE!

And even on my blog, there is a lot more to see. I have My Bio, Chapter Excerpts, Reviews, Contact & Appearances Information as well as my Home page showcasing all my writing collections! Not to mention you can access my 200+ Blogs and the Monthly Archives! Explore HERE!

And if you were still looking to get updated more often, I also have a Monthly Email Newsletter! It keeps you in the loop on my newest releases, my works-in-progress, and even sometimes my contests and Amazon Giftcard Giveaways!!! If you are interested in joining my Email list, simply write to my email address: RIVYENPHX@GMAIL.COM. I’ll add you straight away!

Lastly, you can find some posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Patreon.

One other small note, for those who read my A January Production Challenge Blog, I have a very rewarding update for you! I not only surpassed the total word count goal of 9,300 (300 x 31 days) for the month, but I DID WRITE 31 DAYS STRAIGHT & mustered up 11,993 words! I added 4 new chapters for my The Flight of The Dirithi novel (coming out in the next couple weeks) and added several new sections and made major revisions for my Wyvernshield series book coming out this year!! Just wanted to share that.

Current & Future Works-In-Progress — Derek Barton – 2023.

Brand new year so it seemed a good time to report my current work and what I hoped to produce in the next year or so.


The Flight Of The Dirithi — This new original story centers around Princess Jueneva, an orphan, half-dragon girl as she attempts to avenge what was stolen from her family. I have completed the first book in the series but I am in the editing mode stage and adding to the draft. This adventure may be broken down into five novels. We’ll see, but I am really enjoying it and anxious to see how this story comes to life! I expect this will be out for you in this next couple months.

With Malice: A Horror & Crime Fiction Literary Magazine — This is a group effort of a dozen or so horror and crime fiction writers that I have gathered to do a compilation piece each quarter this year. We will be doing about 5 short stories each edition as well as Author Bios, an in depth Author Interview and will have unique horror images, poems and illustrations! Exciting stuff!!!


Wyvernshield #3 — This is the continuation of the Wyvernshield series surrounding Princess — I mean, the new Ebon Queen Letandra and heart-wrenching story in The Bleeding Crown. This time the main character will be the charismatic, ex-slaver LLasher as he is joined in his rescue attempt by Scars, Ama’yen and other new heroes! I wanted to break this large conclusion down into four smaller novels so you readers didn’t have to wait much longer for your answers. In other words, it takes a long time to write and edit 400 or so pages. The first part of four will hopefully be out the second or third quarter this year.

I Still Burn — I am introducing a new horror story centered on siblings, Rylund and Stephanie, who recently lost their parents in a horrific tragedy. As they adapt to their new lives with their drunk uncle and Rylund’s blindness, a whole new danger presents itself. I will be publishing the first few chapters to this novel in the With Malice Magazine issues. Then I produce the whole complete story next year.

Elude #2 (?!) — That’s right! A possible sequel to my Elude Series. A crazy idea hit me and will not leave my head so be prepared for Vicente Vargas to come out from hiding in Witness Protection and be in an exciting new horror story sometime in 2025.

As you can see, there’s plenty of new stories and writing coming your way!

** This year will be Dirithi #1, Wyvernshield #1 of 4, With Malice Edition #1 through #4.

** In 2024, Dirithi #2 , Wyvernshield #2 and #3 of 4, I Still Burn. I may do a fantasy literary magazine if With Malice is successful.

** And in 2025, Elude the Sequel will start among other projects by then! Whew!!

I also wanted to do a quick shout out for my father’s new work — he’s completed a brand new prequel to The Hidden! If you enjoyed the Predator series latest movie PREY, then you’ll love The Hidden: TRIBES! Look for this coming to Amazon & Kindle in the next couple months.

One last comment: For those of you who have read my last blog, January Writing Challenge, you’ll be happy to know that I am way over my quota of 300 a day (total 2400 words). I am at 3,400! Thanks to all of you who have shown support and interests!


CHECK IT! CHECK IT OUT!! — Derek Barton – 2022

Hey Everyone!


2023 will be a great new year of fresh content and thrilling horror!!!!

. Want to know what YOU get?

Be a part of the team and on board for a great series of chilling stories!!!

New Project for 2023, Ready for it? — Derek Barton – 2022

I am excited to announce MY new venture — I’ve gathered over a dozen horror and crime fiction writers to write unique, short stories which will be issued in beautifully arranged magazine issues.

Every quarter, we are set to release indie-original fiction along with crafted poetry, author-drawn illustrations, picture & author biographies, and in-depth interviews with some of the authors.

Writing Staff: Derek Barton, Alyanna Poe, Chris Pelton, John N. McLean, Albert Moss, Andy Holberry, Jennifer Amato , Adam C Mitchell, Sam Synner, Annmarie McMullin, Jace Killjoy, Steve Cain and Thomas Stewart Copy Editor: Nesa Miller

Soon I will announce our Kickstarter campaign where for a minimal pledge, you will gain access to custom made metal bookmarkers, digital/softcover issues, an exciting Zoom Halloween Party with the Magazine Contributors, t-shirts, bonus story material, and even my Elude Series on Audible!

I will keep you all in the loop on any upcoming details or updates. With success, I hope to extend this project into the following year, maybe going bi-monthly with the issues! And of course, if I’m able to I would love to create the same kind of magazine but for Fantasy & Sci-Fi stories! Time will tell!!

Blogs, Blogs & More Blogs! — Derek Barton – 2022

This blog will be my 195th blog posting since I created this site back in July of 2016. I am really proud of the body of work. But there’s a big problem with having this many.

How can you know what I’ve written in the past or where to even look? This ARCHIVES section gives you only the amount of blog posts I’ve written in that particular month.

So it took some research, some digging into WordPress’s Help section, followed up with some very quick responses from their Customer Service agents to finally find a way to organize my posts and to provide simple categories for you to read my posts and posts I’ve written years ago.

Here is the new MENU for my blogs and some of the topics you may find interesting. Of course a lot of the posts have #tags for you to search for, but this also gives you a specific place to find blogs you may have interests in.

LATEST Blog — This of course is where you’ll still find my latest, most current blog posts. For instance this months are: * Frest Content 8/11/22 (A new chapter for Wyvernshield) * New Release – The Infernal Eternal (Release notice about my new gamebook)

BLOGS: General — These are blogs about Appearances, Book Releases, Book Giveaways or General Announcements, etc. Examples: * A Humbling Sight (Post about Hometown Library showcase) * New Author Interview (An Interview I did in 2020) * New Avenues To Me (Post about Patreon & Pinterest)

BLOGS: New Content — This category is especially good if you are looking to read any new work – rough drafts for upcoming novels. Examples: * First Sneak Peek of Evade II (Chapter excerpt) * Writing Prompt #4 – Max the Most (A horror short story) * Sneak Preview Chapter from Evade (Chapter excerpt)

BLOGS: Writing Tips — Blogs for other writers who may be interested in learning more about my style and view on word craft. Examples: * Repel the Resistance (How to fight Procrastination) * Immerse Or Die (How to keep readers involved)

BLOGS: Self-publishing — Posts that give insight into Self-publishing manuscripts and what you can anticipate in the complex process. Examples: * Essential Elements to Book Covers * The Art of The Juggle (Tips on Organizing)

BLOGS: Goal Setting — Category describing some methods for making goals and how I did or did not achieve them. Examples: * 2017 Bi-monthly Goals for July & August * 2017 Nanowrimo November & December Bi-monthly Goals (Post about making goals around Nanowrimo Challenge)

BLOGS: Personal — Personal posts that give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of my life. Examples: * Stroke — My Internal/External Ordeal * 2020 Bio Blog (Things about me & who I am)

BLOGS: Book Review — Mostly audiobook reviews and/or occasional movie reviews… Examples: * Audible Book Review of Robert Jordan’s “Eye of the World” * Audible Book Review of Stephen KIng’s “The Outsider”

BLOGS: Guest Posts — A few guest blogs from writer Adam C. Mitchell, crime noir author. * Chandler’s Ten Commandments

I hope this helps you find some old posts you may have liked before and want to reread. Or maybe you’ll find posts you may have missed or posts made before you found my site. Either way, you will discover so many posts on here that have very little views, but I hope you will find very beneficial, enlightening or entertaining!

NEW RELEASE – The Eternal Infernal – Derek Barton – 2022

Hot off the press, this fun, action-packed gamebook is now on sale on Amazon! Paperback version soon to come.

You are about to join young Zack Lyons, a budding YouTube Video Blogger on a unique adventure!

What starts as a usual day of urban exploring on the outskirts of the city, quickly turns into a bizarre, dangerous nightmare in an abandoned ex-government lab. He’ll need your street-smarts, some key decision-making, and a real stroke of good luck to survive.

Enjoy this fun, action-packed tale — part story, part game! You decide what rooms to explore, what to keep on hand, and who to fight or flee!



….You aren’t who they say you are. Show your true nature and you’ll be free….

Makenzie’s life had been going so well until a horrific car accident left her with severe head trauma. Now recovering, she begins to lash out with violence. Her actions put herself and those around her in danger, forcing Makenzie to be committed for additional treatment.

Held for observation, she begins to discover a world that should not exist. One of bloody fantasies, dark obsessions, and homicidal cravings.

Torn between worlds, Makenzie must make the ultimate decision. She can either stand and fight for her humanity or run deeper into the night of razor-sharp claws and bloody fangs!

Get your copy today on Amazon or Kindle!!