My Bio

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I am originally from a small town in northeast Indiana.  Typical introvert kid; closer to books than people — grew up with a fascination for horror novels (Stephen King, Dean Koontz) and medieval fantasy (Piers Anthony, R.A Salvatore).

In April of 1996, I moved out on my own to Phoenix, Arizona to find my own path.  Why did I come to the “Sun State” with no job, no friends, and no family you might ask?  Part of it was I was young and reckless, but also because I believed and still find that the only way to have inner growth is to really challenge yourself outside your comfort zone.  Without that safety net, you are IT!  Relying only on yourself can be the best forge to burn away the distractions and to find your true talents and skills.

By 1998, I had stopped “dreaming” and started a “real” career in insurance.  Now in the insurance industry, there’s an old joke that no one ever played “Agents and Underwriters” as children instead of “Cowboys and Indians”.  In other words, most of us stumble into the role and no one dreams of being here, but the money pays most of our bills and we can support our families.

DB 2017   In 2011, I went into the healthcare insurance industry and have stepped into a management role for the first time.  This has been a truly eye-opening and fulfilling experience.

On a personal level, I have been married to my wonderful wife, Erika since October 10th, 2012.  I have two stepchildren, Jenna and Johnny, and a three-year-old baby girl, Jessiena.

In between playing racquetball and pickleball, getting lost in my Skyrim and/ or Guildwars video games, I have completed my first novel of life inside the moat walls of Wyvernshield Consequences Within Chaos and will be extending the story in my upcoming sequel, The Bleeding Crown.

Blog Pic 5I also plan on dabbling in the darker playgrounds of horror through my In Four Days horror saga.  Who knows, maybe I have a full horror story novel inside me somewhere, lurking just below the surface?



More life to live and more stories in store… Come with me!