My Characters



Here are the bios of some of the main characters and the actors/actresses that most resemble the characters in my novels, Consequences Within Chaos and The Bleeding Crown:


Prince Taihven Artadeus

Andrew Garfield


Prince and Heir-Apparent to the Throne of Tayneva and the capital city of Wyvernshield. He has lived seventeen years in shame and an embarrassment to his royal family due to a hidden mental malady that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy for him.

Troubled and often lonely as a prince and because of his secret malady — these two factors have kept him from having normal relationships.  However, Taihven has trained extensively and developed into a skilled Evoker (a mage specializing in using elemental spells & powers).



Princess Letandra Artadeus

Georgie Henley


Letandra is older than her brother Taihven and has always been his protector and biggest defender.   But she often finds herself in the middle of conflicts between Taihven and their Queen Mother, Demetryce.

She alternately spends a lot of time between training with the Wyvernguard and acquiring her Mending Skills.  Through her hard work, she has become a reliable and important member of the Artadeus Court, a high-ranking warrior in the Wyvernguard and popular among the local populace.

Queen Demetryce Artadeus

Helen Mirren


Queen and Court Justice for Wyvernshield.  Her cold demeanor and hard-line stance on most subjects have not made her a popular person among the citizenry nor is she a well-respected diplomat like her husband.

From the tiny, island state of Yata-Malai. Malais are very orthodox, pious people and often accused of being religious zealots.  Demetryce went through a rigorous childhood as a student on the track to becoming a priestess. In a chance to boost their position in world powers, her father sent her to wed young Duke Haedrec Artadeus. Although this ended her promising path as a priestess, she found she was taken with Haedrec and they married shortly afterward.


King Haedrec Artadeus

J.K. Simmons

World premiere of 'Kung Fu Panda 3'

A legendary ruler and adventurer that resurrected the city of Wyvernshield from ancient ruins.  He has always prevailed for his people and his triumphs told often in song and story.  However, at the twilight of his life, he is succumbing to the Withering Disease when his city is bracing for a crushing siege by an army of beasts known as the Viestrahl.

Auste Cros’seau

Rutger Hauer


Son to the exiled noble, Bareth Cros’seau.  The Cros’seau noble family has always been in competition for the Throne of Tayneva. Several open protests and heated debates in the Court eventually came to a head as the Cros’seau family led a coup attempt that ultimately failed. During the attempt, King Haedrec lost his younger brother, his aunt and his wife was taken prisoner and beaten.  The Cros’seau family members were captured, publicly banished and then exiled from the continent.

Auste has become a dangerous spellcaster who vows to restore all that was taken from his family and expects royal blood to be spilled in the streets of Wyvernshield.

Sergeant Renald Devin

Anthony Anderson


A charming warrior and leader among the Wyvernguard.  He wants to be instrumental in stopping the Viestrahl once and for all.

Sergeant Deliah Blackstaff

Emily Black


Another strong leader within the ranks of the Wyvernguard.  Her growing reputation and fighting prowess have paved the way for other females to shine in a male dominant military.  She even inspires Princess Letandra to take on more of an active role and face challenges head-on.

Captain Bardun Ruessard

Terrance Stamp


Battle-harden veteran responsible for finding answers that will protect the lands of Tayneva while defending against internal citizen unrest and political strife centered around the Artadeus Throne.


Isla Fisher


A young castle maid forced into a dangerous position that will cost her life, freedom or the country she loves.


Nestor Carbonell


Contracted for a dark deed, this Camiyaan slaver discovers more than he could have ever bargained for and becomes entwined in the volatile, bloody history that has risen to haunt the Artadeus Throne.




LETANDRA ARTADEUS  —  Georgie Henley


During the fierce battle between Prince Taihven and the Pale Mage, Auste Cros’seau, the Lady Magistrate was magically kidnapped and taken away.  Now she must struggle to survive in a foreign land on her own.  While she waits for rescue, she has no idea if Wyvernshield has even won against Auste or his terrible army of Viestrahl beasts. She will form new alliances and strengths, but in the end, she learns she has no time left — the future hangs in the balance on her efforts.

TAIHVEN ARTADEUS  —  Andrew Garfield


Prince Taihven, having proven himself more than capable and resourceful in the battle against Auste, was crowned King of Tayneva.  However, the heavy cost he paid to keep the Artadeus Throne, weighs heavily upon him.  The city is partially in ruins, his parents are dead, his sister missing, and a deadly plague continues to haunt the citizenry.  After losing his entire family, he succumbs to depression and loses faith that they will find Princess Letandra. More trials lay ahead for him which will test him like never before.

CHROYANNE CROS’SEAU  — Michelle Trachtenberg

M Trachtenberg

History has been washed clean of her vile family’s name, but Chroyanne Cros’seau has been freed of her own Soul Render in Aberrisc.  With the help of a mysterious magical artifact, The Bleeding Crown, Chroyanne has become an incredible terror in the land.  She hopes that her Quietus Dominion and her own armies will make her brother proud when he returns or calls for her to join him in Tayneva.

TALIAH   —  Isla Fisher


Regretting her role as an unwilling spy for the Viestrahl and Auste Cros’seau, the exiled maid, Taliah, has found her place in the world as a Blood Seeress.  She has been taken in by the Khestal Ezan Order, a group dedicated to stopping the evil machinations of the Cult of Beleardea.  She uses her newfound powers of prophetic visions to help them and outsiders with questions that keep their lives in turmoil.

LLASHER  —  Nestor Carbonell


Barely surviving his own encounter with the Pale Mage, the ex-slaver, LLasher, has dedicated his second chance at life to prove he was worthy of that effort and redeeming himself.  His first steps toward that goal are trying to track down the wayward Princess Letandra.  He will find this path will take him to many dangerous regions as well as making forced alliances with the dangerous Viestrahl.

HUMPHREYS  — Steven Ogg

S Ogg.jpeg

As LLasher’s First Mate aboard the Corrta Da’Eale, Humphreys has sailed to many places within the world, but this hunt for Princess Letandra will even surprise this experienced world traveler.  Always quick with a sarcastic word or wide grin, he will stick loyally at LLasher’s side no matter the crazy odds…and that he gets well paid.

RASHAD RUESSARD  — Josh Hutcherson

J Hutcherson

Rashad paid the same cost of losing a family member during the Viestrahl’s last Horde March as King Taihven.  This helps the two bond and form a strong partnership.  As the new Wyvernguard Captain, it has been a challenge, but when a new threat emerges in the form of Pirate Captain Tarsk, the soldier’s mettle is truly tested.

AMA’YEN — Nadine Njeim


As a powerful sorceress, Ama’yen can offer a lot to her new queen, Chroyanne.  However, when she learns of Princess Letandra and the connection the princess has to Chroyanne’s past, she wonders if an opportunity is forming.  Inspired by the love that Letandra has for Taihven, she contemplates a plan of her own to rescue her own brothers being held hostage.

TAL CROWAN  — Michio Kaku

M Kaku

As the founder and dedicated leader of the Khestal Ezan, Tal has recruited a unique band of warriors, mages, spies, and even a Blood Seeress to his cause against the Beleardea Cult members as they peddle evil and cursed artifacts to the desperate or depraved in Tayneva.  These ruthless fanatics are building influence and wealth in an endeavor to resurrect an eldritch god of unlimited power.


T Hardy

Known as Captain Tarsk the Torch, this sadistic pirate sees an opportunity in the weakened condition of Wyvernshield and its armed forces.  Seizing upon the moment, he and his allies strike with surgical precision, cutting off Taihven and Rashad from any assistance.  As a seasoned veteran of battle, King Taihven finds himself outmatched and up against a foe unlike any other he has ever faced.

RIVYEN  — Josh Upshaw

J Upshaw

Although he is a lost warrior from another plane of existence, Rivyen brings a unique perspective as well as a wealth of knowledge to Tal Crowan.  He has become a critical part to the Khestal Ezan’s structure. Together they have pledged to stop the Beleardea and find their hidden Veraera Vault of cursed items the cult has accumulated.  Some of those items belong to Rivyen’s own people — he knows just how destructive some of those items can be including The Bleeding Crown!