A Must-See Character? — Derek Barton – 2019

Character Sketch


Have you ever wanted to participate in a book’s story creation?  Watched a movie and thought, I wish they would’ve have done this…or wished they would have taken the story in this direction…or This character is so flat, boring… 

Well, I am offering you your chance!

In an upcoming modern horror/crime story I am developing, I want YOU to tell me what would you’d like to see or read — what character you’d write about!

My only limitation for you is that the story will focus on two patrol officers — I am picturing this character as my main character’s partner.

Should I chose your character, I will send you a Signed Paperback copy of the novel in advance of putting it on the market and give you exclusive credit on my dedication/acknowledgment page for that character creation! Also, you will get an exclusive paperback copy of Elude #3 coming out late March or April with an alternate cover…YOU WILL HAVE THE ONLY SIGNED COPY! 

This giveaway will go to the end of March and you must be within the United States to win (sorry, but International Mailing is just impractical at this time).  Also note, if not enough entries are sent or viable characters to choose from, I may not select a winner for the giveaway.

Use my prior Character Sketch blogs to get a better idea of what I am looking for:

Diving into the oceans of your characters!


New Character Sketch!


Name —

Gender —

Character Strengths & Weaknesses ==

How old?

What does the character look like? 

Where is the character from?

How does your character deal with conflict? 

Where does he/she live?

Does the character have any unique or special abilities? 

Who else is in their life? 

The character’s current status in life?

What is your character’s goal or motivation?

To participate, Copy and Paste the questions to an email and send your responses to Rivyenphx@gmail.com.  Feel free to add images, short summaries or anything else you want that will bring your creation to life!

Good luck and together we can really write something special!!







Missing the Party? — Derek Barton – 2019

Dub #1


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Posted — Jan 16 at 6:26 PM

Elude — Part Three: Opening Chapter Rough Draft Preview



Vic pulled the space heater closer and pointed it at Shellie who was asleep next to the wall. They were on the roof of one of the abandoned warehouses in Guadalupe. She moaned a little but angled her face into the waves of heat.

The skies overhead had been clear and cloudless, but there was still a chill that seemed to seep into every bone. He was himself bundled up in several layers of clothes and a windbreaker jacket. They were camped out here which had been a part of the plan. The access to them was only through one door.


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Posted — Jan 18 at 2:15 AM

Elude: Part Three — Chapter Two Preview of My Rough Draft




Chad had been hit two years ago by a semi-truck tractor on that same night he encountered the Jinn. He wondered if this time he’d be able to continue his career.

That is if they stop fucking firing and I live!

He pressed his head down flat upon a cement step, face first into the crease of the stair, cradled in a fetal position. The bullets whirred through the area like irate bees. His ears hurt and throbbed from the terrible noise.

Barely he registered the sounds of more gunfire coming from the roof. The rain of metal stopped finally, and their guns were trained on something or someone else.


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Posted — Jan 29 at 5:21 PM

Sneak Preview of Chapter 25 of The Hidden (Rough Draft)



Reflected light from the bath danced crazily across the ceiling, and Zelda watched it, abstractly, remembering the times she had spent with Nate. She thought back to when they first met: She was playing Fiona in a small-time production of “Brigadoon.” It was summer stock theater, in a North Chicago suburb called Palatine — very little, pay and even less prestige.


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Posted — Feb 5 at 6:26 PM

Audible Book Review of James Patterson’s “Never Never” — Derek Barton

I have been for over a year now getting Audible books so I decided I would review and share my opinion on some of them with you. Enjoy!

I have a small confession: this is actually the first book I have read from James Patterson. I know that he is an extremely prolific writer, but until recently I just did not have the opportunity to read much. I still don’t, but that is the beauty and power of buying audiobooks.


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Swimming In The Ashes (Working Title) — Chapter One Sneak Preview

Posted — Feb 8 at 1:49 AM


Chapter One

The white and brown roan rode hard, its side heaved from the exertion and its breath plumed out in the chill of the early morning air. LLasher hated doing so, but he pushed the animal nearly to its physical limits. However, it was critical that he get there, the urgency of his mission required it. He guided the horse with his knees to the underside of a towering, vine-choked cliff. He spotted a small ledge which climbed up the massive wall.


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Audible Book Review of James Patterson’s “Never Never” — Derek Barton – 2019


Never Never

by James Patterson & Candice Fox — a Thriller-Suspense Mystery

Released on January 16, 2017 — 370 pages

Narrated by Fereday Holmes

I have been for over a year now getting Audible books so I decided I would review and share my opinion on some of them with you. Enjoy!

I have a small confession: this is actually the first book I have read from James Patterson. I know that he is an extremely prolific writer, but until recently I just did not have the opportunity to read much. I still don’t, but that is the beauty and power of buying audiobooks.  It gives you the time to do other things like drive around for errands, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors, etc.  Anyway, I am really glad I got a chance to read this one.


The Synopsis:


assume you know someone. Harry Blue is the top sex crimes investigator in her department. She’s a seasoned pro who’s seen it all. But even she didn’t see this coming: her own brother arrested for the grisly murders of three beautiful young women.


accept a reassignment to the middle of nowhere “for your own good”. Harry’s been sent to a makeshift town in a desolate landscape – a world full of easy money, plenty of illegal ways to spend it, and a ragtag collection of transient characters who thrive on the fringes of society. A place where little grows but evil flourishes.


trust anyone. Looking into a seemingly simple missing persons case, Harry’s been assigned to a new “partner”. But is he actually meant to be a watchdog? Still reeling from the accusations against her brother, Harry can’t trust even her own instincts, which she’s never doubted…until now.


go anywhere without leaving a trace. Far from the world she knows and desperate to clear her brother’s name, Harry has to mine the dark secrets of her strange new home for answers to a deepening mystery – before she vanishes in a place where no one would ever think to look for her.

Never Never is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride with enough intrigue and suspense to keep you guessing until the final minute. You’ll never be able to turn it off.

The Review:

While I thought the hook of a sex crime detective not knowing her own brother was a serial killer was intriguing, the main story arch for the novel turned out pretty engaging as well.  The uranium mine setting was unique, but from other articles that I have read, the details of its size and population were farfetched and very inaccurate.

The story revolves mainly around the hard-as-nails female detective, Harriet Blue and how she perseveres with the stress of her brother being arrested then portrayed as a sexual serial killer all over the media.

While this should have been the main storyline, instead it is the story of her investigating missing miners in this uranium mine in the middle of nowhere.  I liked the storyline, but it did feel a little “bait-and-switch”.  Another complaint would be that it was never clear in my mind — the locale was not fully painted in my mind.

The characters are complex and varied.  Harry’s personality, though, was too mixed for me. One moment strong and feisty, next confused and weak.  I would like her depiction one way or the other. On top of it, she was a horrible judge of character ESPECIALLY FOR A DETECTIVE! HA!

Intense action sequences, good dialogue as well as some unpredictable plot twists certainly makes this a fun read.  I will be getting the next novel in the Harriet Blue Book Series.


The Narration:

Federay Holmes — Here I usually include a picture of the voice actor, however, there were none to be found anywhere on Amazon, Kindle, IMDB or Audible.com.  Not sure why no images exist.

Born in March 1968 in Australia as Sarah Federay Holmes.

She’s listed on IMDB.com as a bit role actress known for television shows New Tricks (2014), The Widower (2013), and Oranges and Sunshine (2010).

She did a great job on this project and her British accent definitely added to the Australian atmosphere of the novel.  I would say her performance is one of the main reasons I liked the novel. Ms. Holmes has over a dozen different novels to her credit including Me Without You, Like A House On Fire, and The Devil’s Staircase.


The Rating:

Some flaws which I am willing to overlook as I liked the story and characters and want to know just what is the story around brother… I would RECOMMEND this series starter novel.


By Derek Barton — Author of ELUDE:  PART ONE, ELUDE: PART TWO  (horror/crime thriller),  & In Four Days: a Horror-Suspense Novella.   Also the Dark Fantasy novel series Consequences Within Chaos and The Bleeding Crown.