free-ebook-2019 v2


FREE-BOOK FEBRUARY! was such a success (WHICH I TRULY THANK YOU) that I am extending it into March!

So far there have been over 430 books ordered in the last two days!!  That just blows me away!  THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!!

It was brought to my attention that one book, ELUDE PART ONE was unfortunately not able to be put on the “book sale” due to contract term dates.  Thus, it was only able to go on Kindle for “free” this Friday and Saturday.  That being said, along with the amount of interest, I am putting all the books again on a Free-Ebook Sale this Friday (3/1) and Saturday (3/2)!

All I ask is if you did enjoy any of the books, please put a book review on Amazon for me. It doesn’t have to be really elaborate or specific, but EVERY REVIEW HELPS and it signals other readers that this may be something they would like to read!



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