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Nesa Miller — 


Torn from a life of childish innocence, fourteen-year-old Etain Rhys witnesses the brutal murder of her family. Running for her life, she inadvertently lands in the mystical realm of the Alamir, humans infused with powerful magic. No longer a child, she’s taken in by a small clan and learns their warrior ways. Moving up the ranks, the day comes when her chieftain tells her it’s time to move on.


After the death of his dark brother, Dar and Etain return to Laugharne, looking forward to a fresh start together. As the days pass, Dar’s mind seems to unravel, the past twisting into the present, nightmarish visions threatening to rip his sanity apart.

Unable to help in Dar’s recovery, Etain discovers her own brother she thought dead is alive. Her immediate reaction is to find him, visions of a happy reunion filling her head. Except, the boy she remembers has been under the tutelage of Dar’s dark brother for the past several years.

Despite warnings from close friends, she throws caution aside and goes in search of him. In doing so, she puts in motion a series of events from which they might not ever recover.


I’m just a girl in the world – of writing. Originally I hail from Texas and lived most of my life there, fell in love a few times, raised my kids, and generally had a great time. But, there was always something missing, well, I should say, someone. Who’d have thought he lived way across that big ole pond in a little place called England? Now I live in the motherland with my incredible dream man. It has been an adventure and has helped in the development of my Blood of Kaos series. Living in another country, even if it is English, gives you a new perspective on everything. I have learned that my family means a whole lot more to me than I thought. I miss my family – horribly – but – I have learned – I have seen – I have experienced – so much more by taking a chance and leaving the comfort of home. It’s been almost 4 years now and I’m still in an adjustment period. Don’t know if I’ll ever truly adjust to English ways. I think I’m just too Texan.

Susanne Lambdin


Legends are always based on some form of the truth.
Bloodlines: Exordium, Vol. 1, follows the saga of Logan Bennet left behind by the Earth Corps in the 13th century. By forming the Blood Knights—an organization of vampires sworn to defend the human race during a time England and Scotland are at war—Logan’s rash decisions lead to a chain of events that threaten the future.
With the Earth Corps’ defeat of Odin and Aries, the Blood Syndicate, led by Chancellor Logan, assumes the task of rebuilding international cities. His ‘Tolerance Act’ allows all Supernatural creatures to live together in harmony, but this is far from the truth.
The Dark Angels, forced to join the Syndicate, discover an army of the undead frozen in the hell dimension of Caceri. Meanwhile, Agent Parish and the Blood Knights, now employed as Syndicate time travel agents, use the Babylonian Stones to travel to the past to retrieve influential historical figures. Unless the Dark Angels and Agent Parish unravel the mystery behind the Syndicate’s darker purpose, the human race, which includes zombies cured by the Earth Corps, may once more be on the brink of total annihilation.


‘First comes the Dark, then Fire, Fang, and Flood.’

Bloodlines: Medius, book 2, finds Logan Bennet and his mother, Lenora, in Miami with the remnants of the Dark Angels. Shirkas—a species of super-zombies—are harassing the coastline. The Blood Syndicate and U.S. military defend the Wall of Liberty that surrounds the city, the only thing standing between the inhabitants and the horde. However, the Centauro rebels may have a solution—kill the High Council members, whom they believe control the zombies, and destroy the Babylonian Stones to prevent TTD agents from time-traveling. And they want the Dark Angels to help.

Dark mysteries and demonic rituals threaten the survivors of a war-torn world. Cadence and the Earth Corps are needed to prevent a hellish uprising, but where are they? And if Picasso, Logan, or Parish can find them, will they be able to stop the demons, or is this the beginning of Armageddon?


Susanne L. Lambdin (born 1962, Wichita, Kansas) is better known for her ‘based in part’ writing credit for Star Trek: The Next Generation Eps. 76 “Family” – remember when Wesley Crusher met his father on the holodeck when he turned 18 years of age? This was Susanne’s story sold to Star Trek in 1990. Since then she’s dedicated herself to writing fiction.

Having worked for Paramount Pictures from 1986 thru 1994, she beamed home to spend time with her family and to write fiction. Her genres include horror, supernatural, action/adventure, high fantasy, Gothic and historical romance, steampunk, and sci-fi (of course).

L.S. O’Dea


In a world filled with human-animal hybrids, Guards are bred to serve the Almightys until they’re no longer wanted.

Mutter waits for his execution. It’s inevitable. He was a fighter and he lost. No one wants an ex-fighter. He’s too big, mean and ugly. Death will be the only way he gets out of this cell, but then the unthinkable happens. An Almighty visits in the dead of night and offers him a chance to leave. A chance to live.

All he has to do is obey and Guards were bred to obey.

When Mutter is taken to his new home, something isn’t right. There’s food and a bed but there are sounds and smells from the other cages. Things that move like nothing he’s ever encountered.

For the first time in his life, he’s afraid. Afraid of the creatures that lurk nearby. Afraid of the shots his new master is giving him.

He knows he’s supposed to obey, to always follow their rules but if he doesn’t escape, he’ll become food for one of those things in the other cages. Or worse… turn into one of them.


The only way to leave Level Five is inside the belly of a beast.

McBrid understands the dangers of working on Level Five in Professor Conguise’s laboratory. Even the smallest mistake—a miscalculation, a momentary loss of focus or unsatisfactory results—can mean the end. Not the end of a job or a career but the end of his life.

The problem is he didn’t make a minor mistake. He killed the most important creature in the lab. Now, he must scramble to create a new Aranea.

He’s done it before and he can do it again. Only this time he must choose the right host because the new giant spider mutation must be smart, fast, deadly and willing to obey—if that’s even possible. He’ll soon find out if there is anything left of the person once the parasitic DNA takes over and if there’s not, he may just end up her dinner.

All the books in this series are standalone and may be read in any order.


L. S. O’Dea grew up the youngest of seven. She always wanted to do what her older siblings were doing, especially reading stories.

At a young age, she immersed herself in books. Her life changed when she read a short story written by her older brother and realized that normal (somewhat anyway, since her brother was a bit weird in her opinion) people created these amazing stories. From that day forward, she wanted to write.

However, as with all good stories, obstacles rose in her path (mostly self-created obstacles) and it took her many years to put finger to keyboard and write/type her first book.

Derek Barton


With a devastating war looming on the horizon for Wyvernshield, can its people place their faith and fate in the hands of a ruler who cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy?

How far into the depths of insanity would you go to prove your sanity?


Abducted by her family’s bitter rivals, spirited Princess Letandra finds herself stranded in a foreign land. Alone but confident a rescue will come at the hands of her brother, King Taihven, she focuses all her energy on surviving the unexpected trials she now faces.

But before he can save Leandra, she is captured by the sadistic Ebon Queen of the Quietus Dominion. Now, the princess must risk everything to escape and warn Taihven. War is coming not only for him, but the future of all hangs in the balance.


Derek Barton was born in northeast Indiana in 1970. The typical introvert kid; closer to books than people, but grew up with a fascination for horror novels (Stephen King, Dean Koontz) and medieval fantasy (Piers Anthony, R.A Salvatore).

In April of 1996, he moved out to Phoenix, Arizona to find his own path.

He has been married to his wonderful wife, Erika since October 5th, 2012. They have three children, Jenna, Johnny and a three-year-old baby girl, Jessiena!


Don’t miss your opportunity to step into the unique and amazing worlds today!!

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