A Must-See Character? — Derek Barton – 2019

Character Sketch


Have you ever wanted to participate in a book’s story creation?  Watched a movie and thought, I wish they would’ve have done this…or wished they would have taken the story in this direction…or This character is so flat, boring… 

Well, I am offering you your chance!

In an upcoming modern horror/crime story I am developing, I want YOU to tell me what would you’d like to see or read — what character you’d write about!

My only limitation for you is that the story will focus on two patrol officers — I am picturing this character as my main character’s partner.

Should I chose your character, I will send you a Signed Paperback copy of the novel in advance of putting it on the market and give you exclusive credit on my dedication/acknowledgment page for that character creation! Also, you will get an exclusive paperback copy of Elude #3 coming out late March or April with an alternate cover…YOU WILL HAVE THE ONLY SIGNED COPY! 

This giveaway will go to the end of March and you must be within the United States to win (sorry, but International Mailing is just impractical at this time).  Also note, if not enough entries are sent or viable characters to choose from, I may not select a winner for the giveaway.

Use my prior Character Sketch blogs to get a better idea of what I am looking for:

Diving into the oceans of your characters!


New Character Sketch!


Name —

Gender —

Character Strengths & Weaknesses ==

How old?

What does the character look like? 

Where is the character from?

How does your character deal with conflict? 

Where does he/she live?

Does the character have any unique or special abilities? 

Who else is in their life? 

The character’s current status in life?

What is your character’s goal or motivation?

To participate, Copy and Paste the questions to an email and send your responses to Rivyenphx@gmail.com.  Feel free to add images, short summaries or anything else you want that will bring your creation to life!

Good luck and together we can really write something special!!







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