NOW CONSEQUENCES WITHIN CHAOS IS AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK FORM On & on Amazon  $13.96 members or 1 Credit !!!  Amazing narration done by Laura Richcreek

AND THE BLEEDING CROWN IS ON SALE at Amazon  — (The Bleeding Crown(paperback))  $11.99 !!!


The gripping epic fantasy continues in the worlds of Aberissc and Tayneva.

In the shocking, debut novel, Consequences Within Chaos, a banished evil had returned to the lands of Tayneva.  Blood was spilled in the streets of Wyvernshield and in the Courtyards of Castle Adventdawn!

By the end, a terrible price had been paid…

The dark sequel, The Bleeding Crown, returns with a tempest’s fury!  Prince Taihven and Princess Letandra face a harsh new reality as the butchery of the Quietus Dominion spread into both worlds!

Now, Princess Letandra, separated from her family, must survive stranded in a foreign, hostile land on her own.  Yet before any rescue attempt can be made, she is captured by the Ebon Queen of the Quietus…

Unless she risks everything to escape, an unholy army will come for Taihven.   The future of both worlds hangs in the balance!

New friends, new allies, and new horrors are discovered in Aberrisc and Tayneva!


Buy now to delve into the enchanting worlds from Derek Barton on Amazon & Kindle!



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